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Society, companies, the way of doing business, markets in the global economy are constantly changing. Late economic crises, pandemics, shortages of materials in key sectors, require rapid changes in regulations and new formulas to protect community and individual interests.

At PUIGDEFÀBREGAS we deliver a very dynamic, proactive legal advice, and oriented way to achieve the client’s objectives. We know that challenges and problems are almost never resolved only through the practice of law: they require a multidisciplinary approach. We offer our clients personalized services and dedication, which encompass the legal, economic, and business vision, to achieve the optimum results.

In situations of disagreement or litigation, we always advocate for a negotiated solution, analysing the best strategy, trying to avoid costly and unnecessary lawsuits. For this, we count on qualified experts in international negotiation and contracting.

On some occasions, the understanding between the parties is neither possible nor effective. For those cases in which negotiation is not enough and it is required to go to court, we provide the best legal defence, expert in litigation, before Spanish and international courts.

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