We are specialized in Commercial & Company Law

Our Firm brings specific advice on all matters related to Commercial Law. Incorporation of companies. Corporate and group reorganizations, transformations, and merger and acquisition procedures. International corporate structures. Business consortiums, enterprises, and assets. Amendments of bylaws, vote-pooling agreements.

We are also specialized in carrying on subsidiary company audits and due diligence for company’s acquisitions, Spanish and International agreements of associations or incorporation of joint ventures.

Our advice also includes matters regarding:

Restructuring and Insolvency

PUIGDEFÀBREGAS LEGAL provides preventive and comprehensive advice in the negotiation of contracts and guarantees, to achieve the most effective credit protection. We exercise the legal defense of credits, both in individual execution procedures and in bankruptcy procedures. We are proactive in advising hiring companies with financial difficulties. We make liability claims for administrators and shareholders.

We also design feasibility proposals with credit institutions and suppliers, to adapt the economic-financial and patrimonial structure of the company. We request deferrals of debt towards tax and social security, and we negotiate unique payment agreements within bankruptcy procedures.

Both in cases of specific crises, and in bankruptcy proceedings, we endeavor to apply measures to make labor relations more flexible and to draft feasibility plans and collective bargaining, records of employment regulation, termination and suspension of contracts, and other alternative measures.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We deliver expert legal advice in acquisition, venture capital, reorganization, and joint-venture processes in corporate relationships, in cross-border transactions and in global exchanges. Our target includes local and multinationals companies, as well as commercial, family offices and private equity funds, entrepreneurs, and smaller businesses.

Competition and Antitrust

Antitrust cases, concentrations, state aid and general matters of community law, including investigations and disputes before the Spanish and European Union authorities and courts.

Regulatory and Compliance

The Firm offers an extensive knowledge of local regulations and European capabilities, so we are well-positioned to help clients to deal effectively with regulatory matters and compliance issues across national and international jurisdictions, working to minimize the impact of complex regulatory systems on transactions or day-to-day operations.

Intellectual Property and Data Protection

Our firm provides comprehensive legal advice on all aspects related to the acquisition, protection, and exploitation of intangible assets, thus giving specific coverage to one of the most important assets of the company. Including Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Names, Inventions, Patents and Utility Models, Designs, Know-how, Software and Information Technologies, New Technologies, Image Rights, Unfair Competition, Advertising, Franchise, Personal Data Protection or Pharmaceutical Law.


From PUIGDEFÀBREGAS LEGAL we also assess in tax planning and analysis of legislative changes. Tax appeals, claims and inspections. Tax Audits. Planning and advice on corporate group taxation. Tax advice and planning for the transfer, acquisition and/or merger of assets, businesses, and companies. We also bring you advice on national and international double-taxation issues.

Construction & Real Estate

We deliver legal advice across a range of practice areas where real estate is at the centre of the transaction, such as financing, business reorganizations, promotion of real estate properties (office, industrial buildings, parks…), declarations of new buildings, preparation of condominium bylaws, etc.

We also advise private clients, companies, and institutions with interests in the real estate and construction sectors, in the different affected matters: urban and environmental, fiscal, contractual, financial, litigation and labour.

Environment & Climate Change

In PUIGDEFÀBREGAS LEGAL we are up to date on understanding of the ever-changing environmental regulatory landscape. We advise and intervene in all issues of environmental pollution, management and dumping of waste, emissions into the atmosphere, protection of safety and health, administrative crimes due to violation of environmental regulations, on historical heritage and on the planning of the territory.

Preventive legal advice in situations that require authorizations for the discharge of wastewater, industrial waste management, emissions to the atmosphere and contaminated soils, among others.

Litigation and Arbitration

From the onset of a dispute through to resolution, we help our clients make well-informed decisions. We advise financial institutions, corporations, companies, executives, and directors. Our experience in cross-border contentious matters, technical capabilities, and multicultural view, gives us the insight to advise them through the complex issues that can accompany large transactions.

PUIGDEFÀBREGAS LEGAL is used to handle with lawsuits in civil and criminal courts, as well as international arbitration, including the representation before civil or criminal courts. Pre-litigation actions and lawsuits arising from contractual disputes. Representations in arbitration proceeding, advice, planning and negotiation of receivership proceedings, creditor’ arrangements and bankruptcies.

Risk management and compliance are key to avoiding disruptive litigation. We help our clients implement measures to ensure that, wherever possible, they do not become embroiled in disputes. If a dispute arises, we ensure that they are equipped with the resources, experience and knowledge to reach a prompt and successful resolution.

Banking and Finance

The firm offers advice in the field of regulatory compliance (preventive management of legal and regulatory infringement), as well as in the structuring and execution in relation to mergers, acquisitions, transfers, shareholdings, takeovers, and similar operations in which institutions participate. banking, insurance or financial, or other companies related to the financial world.

We advise on financing and fixed income, corporate and structured operations, both nationally and internationally, which include, among others, sale and lease back transactions and other forms of asset outsourcing.

Our advice also includes issues related to debt restructuring. We also provide legal support in investments in securities and insurance, structured deposits, life annuity insurance, private placements, and atypical financial contracts.

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